Commissioning & Calibration




 Calibration Test For Protective Relay

 Insulation Test On Transformer Winding

 Pressure Test On Transformer

Fault Investigation


 Investigation of Riser Explosion

 MCCB Riser Explode

 Re-tighten The MCCB Riser

TX Oil Filtration


 Changing Bushing Transformer Gasket

 Changing Tranformer Gasket

 Changing Transformer Oil


Filtration In Progress

Scenery Of Filtration

 Transformer Filtration


Transformer Oil Sample


Infrared Thermo Scanning



 Example Of Result Scanning

Infrared Scanning At Transformer Cable Termination


Scanning At Busbar LV Board


Servicing And Maintenance


 11kV VCB Panel

 Arc Chute Cleaning

 Checking 11kV Bushing


General Cleaning Of Tansformer

 Retighten The Termination At Transformer

Degrease The VCB Mechanical Parts